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Aiming for the Podium

15th July 2017

I’ve done a myriad of exciting races this year but Canadian XC Nats and Canada Games have been my biggest targets all year. These races are the epitome of the season and I’m ecstatic that I’m a podium contender.

As wonderful as my experience racing in Europe was, it really sucked the life out of me. But… is there anything so addicting as throwing yourself to the wolves? But you need to recoup if you do that and I have. The Canada Cups in Ontario (that took place two weeks after Europe), were the definition of mixed emotions. Horseshoe was terrible, I loved the course but the power just wasn’t there. Hardwood I tried to put myself back to together as much as possible in a week and crossed my fingers. Thanks to those who gave Dad and I advice on training that week, it worked! You know who you are.

So ta da, back in the top 10 Elite and then back home for some quality training and self care. I’ve been putting in the time and miles with a little extra skip in my step… because of my next two races. I’m confident in my preparation and really excited at the prospect of how sweet these races will be. Not to mention the fact that they are two brand new courses and I’ve never been to Canmore or Winnipeg before.

This will be my second Canada Games and I couldn’t be more proud to represent Nova Scotia alongside a FULL female team. So, not only is it a gathering of the best U23 athletes in the country but also the best cyclists in NS who I don’t see as much as I’d like to!

the aftermath of a local xc race, (Race the Reservoir) it was a blast

All decked out in Team NS

We are a sea of hungry blue schooners

Let me sign this real quick! #truesport

One of my favourite things to do when I’m home is go to the beach with friends and family. It never fails to make me smile.

You’re very likely to see this scene in real life down on the shore, but it is a beautiful mural and reminder to appreciate the simple things. Home, sweet home. I’m flying west next week but I’ll be back before I know it.


I am an aspiring athlete looking to make my mark on the mountain biking world. I love racing and training with my teammates, and I am looking for new ways to be faster and stronger- the fun is always in a good race!