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Reuniting with Mountain Biking

27th February 2017

I’ve missed my mountain bike these past few months since my winter break, but there’s some exciting things going on, on my cross bike too.

First, in January with cross tires on it for Collegiate Cross Nats (where I finished 6th) and for the last two months with road tires! My trusty “Jake the Snake” has been doing great under pressure lately- this is my first time doing any road races with so many girls- and it’s been quite fun! There were about the same amount of girls in mountain biking, but you aren’t so close to them for such a long time. It’s so much different. I’ve done a few NS races in the past but it was nothing like the amount of fun I’ve had these past two racing weekends. Apparently in the first crit in Gainesville, Florida, I had a grin on my face the whole time. I had a blast and the same is true for this past weekend in Opelika and Auburn, Alabama I’m enjoying collegiate road racing much more than I thought I would and most of that is attributed to our awesome SCAD Atlanta Cycling team. You guys make everything better.

Now, so I haven’t been on a mountain bike lately but that doesn’t mean I’m any less excited for the first Canada Cup. More, in fact. Not only do I get to ride my Superfly again but in Bear Mountain, Victoria on new-for-me-trails with the best mountain bikers in the country. I’ve wished I could’ve visited sooner because it seems to be where everyone is going…but now I get to see what all the hype is about!

I’ve been training hard, homeworking hard and I’m pretty happy with how everything is going. I’m almost done this quarter and the week after Bear Mountain I’ll be home again for a short visit. Visit to the land of slush, maybe? I hope not but it’s okay if it is, seeing family again after months away at school is on par with bike racing! I love you guys, I miss you, see my Nova Scotia friends again soon!

Here are the latest pics:

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Auburn Collegiate Women’s ITT Champ


The guys did pretty well too, eh. Check out the Auburn road race podium

Blue skies in Atlanta keep me going

Wasn’t so sunny in Dahlonega/Suches area but I was so, so happy riding in the mountains. I’m too tired in this picture to express it- but it was one of the best days I’ve had in awhile. Thanks Andy and Peter for towing me around!

this is where I climbed mountains 🙂

we timed the mountain trip perfectly with the rain! Little risky, but it was worth it for sure.

Thanks to everyone who makes this cycling journey possible- a lot of things have to add up so that I can focus on training and not worry TOO much about small details. Thank you to my parents for flying me around everywhere, for supporting me, to BNS, to SCAD, to Namrita, to the team in Atlanta, you’re wonderful training partners. Thank you to my sponsors and partners from home- Cyclesmith, Bontrager and Oakley. The mountain bike season is about to start and I look forward to showing everyone what their support lets me accomplish. Keep an eye out, I’m going to aim high.




I am an aspiring athlete looking to make my mark on the mountain biking world. I love racing and training with my teammates, and I am looking for new ways to be faster and stronger- the fun is always in a good race!