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SUCCESS at Collegiate Road National Championships

2nd May 2017

A medal a day keeps the doctors away, right? The results of this weekend had me making a few silly jokes like that one!

I went into collegiate road nats knowing that I had an opportunity to do really well, but didn’t imagine that it could be this good. I’m sure there are a few people who will say that they felt like this was going to happen, but I wasn’t one of them. Weeks earlier, once I realized how big this could be- I started to put pressure on myself. After all, if coaches and teammates are having so much confidence in me then I should make sure I pull it off right? Wrong. That got old (and stressful), fast and I realized that I had to change my attitude. So I decided to focus on making sure that I was going to enjoy my first time in in Colorado even if I couldn’t bring my mountain bike- which yes, I was dreaming about. It’s a crime not to bring your mountain bike to Grand Junction, isn’t it? But anyway- fun, this is going to be fun I said. Have fun, relax and prepare to race your trusty Jake the Snake CX in the biggest road race you’ve ever done! And enjoy the scenery 😉 And that I definitely did…

Heading to the start line for the road race

In the time trial on Friday, in the Road Race on Saturday and I would add the criterium but I was pretty busy trying to stay upright in the fastest and most exciting crit I’ve ever done. Still patting myself on the back for not crashing. I feel like I still need more crit experience but I’m happy with a top 10 finish for sure and I learned a lot even in that one hour.

I flew in the night before the ITT so I didn’t get to see the course…but I don’t know if it would have made a huge impact- it was brutal. It was cold and windy and the high altitude was tough but I managed to salvage a top 3 podium spot. It was sparse competition but nonetheless- quality. Janelle and Hannah from Brevard and I had some good battles going on, we all ended up in view of each other and it was pretty sweet to have so many carrots in a time trial. Check me out in a TT helmet for the first time:

that’s a thermo skin suit and tights by the way, yikes.

Now the road race…it was weird. I’ve never done a race with so much descending. We spent almost 30  minutes of that race above 50 km/h. That being said- it makes the climbing so much more decisive because that and the false-flat-forever (seems like!) are the only places you could ever get away unless you wanted to be a daredevil. We did three laps and it’s hard to remember now but I think it was the second lap where a group of 10 of us broke away from 40. Here are the guys on that climb:

TBH- my favourite part of the course

My race was hard and exhilarating, we didn’t let anyone get away and I successfully stayed out of the wind enough to have some punch for the last sprint. I feel like we rolled super slow to the finish for the longest time. (felt like 5, was probably 2) The tension was unreal and I couldn’t help but grin! Top 8 going into the final straightaway at Road Nationals, positioned perfectly, I couldn’t believe it!

I gave everything.

“Absolutely the highlight of the day in the Varsity #collnats road race. When you finish 2nd to one of the best pro sprinters in the country in your first big road race, you consider that a win. So proud of @kenzimtber and how much she has learned and progressed this season as an athlete.” -SCAD Atlanta Cycling on Facebook

I’m going to remember those golden (silver!) moments after that finish for a long time. Coach was pretty stoked and so am I, still!

post-race snap with @erica_aller, so good to see a familiar face on the podium, that race was sick!

Not only did I get some quality time and support from Namrita and the team this weekend, but Shawn Stasko from SWORD joined us and really helped me out. The more support and familiar faces at the start line, the better! Thanks Shawn 🙂

#drinksword #fuel #pushyourboundaries #scadcycling It helps me get the job done

Check out the Female Individual Omnium podium 😉 1 podium +1 more podium = 3 podiums! So proud to be standing next to such dedicated girls. Respect!


I wasn’t the only one from SCAD Atlanta on the podium this weekend! David (2nd) and Peter (5th) went super fast in the Men’s ITT. Congrats guys, you deserve it 🙂 Next time you’ll be on the top step, I know it.

So maybe I’ll admit road is kinda cool now and maybe I’ll end up with a road bike or something for next year, you never know! I had a great time this weekend, we rented a house and drove each other crazy- this team is such a family. We support each other and pick each other up when we fall down. We have an uncanny ability match the height of the mountains in the background when we take pictures and we share food even when we’re all starving after a race. That’s love. And there’ll be more of it next year when we have a bigger crew. Team time trial for the girls anyone? I can’t wait.

Thank you to our sponsors and everyone who supports us. The SCAD Cycling Team is truly something I’m proud to be a part of. Thank you to Coach Namrita for keeping us all on track, thank you to SWORD, BRASHcoffee, Castelli Cycling, Peachtree Bikes and The Athletic.

Thank you as well to my personal sponsors and support- Bicycle Nova Scotia, Cyclesmith Racing, Bontrager, Oakley and my family. They’re the ones who get VERY hyped up phone calls from me after my races <3 Let’s keep this momentum rolling into Europe in two weeks, the countdown is on!


I am an aspiring athlete looking to make my mark on the mountain biking world. I love racing and training with my teammates, and I am looking for new ways to be faster and stronger- the fun is always in a good race!