Victoria Secret, Truro NS

16th May 2016


I want to thank Hubcycle for organizing the season opener, what an amazing day!

The first mtb race of the season took place at Victoria Park, Truro. This race really is a classic and turned out to be a great tune-up for jumping back into racing. The course was different than usual and the regular sections were backwards, but it’s still an oldie but a goodie. This was the 17th anniversary! I can remember doing this race many years ago, and riding around the park at all of under 4 foot!

There were hardly any nerves for this local event, probably because it’s the first real test after I strained my quad. It was feeling good the day before on the preride so we decided to race, but it was a tough decision. Luckily I’m all healed again, after being off for about a week…

Though there weren’t as many hills as I would have liked, (where I usually gain time) but it was a great race on a fun course. I finished on the podium alongside teammate Odette and Kaarin- who I definitely look up to as a role model đŸ™‚ yay for getting over injuries!

There was a brilliant atmosphere of excitement and community this weekend. This race attracts the most people out of the province plus PEI and New Brunswick so it really is the perfect season opener. In fact, I believe there were record numbers of women! 37 total!! Both FA and FB had about 13 each.. In categories which usually have about 5 total… This is definitely something to celebrate!!

I think it was the perfect thing to do before I head out to Tremblant, QC on Thursday for the Canada Cup. I’m excited to start with the Elites as a new U23, but I feel much better already having a race under my belt. We’ve got three other Nova Scotians heading up too, see you guys there!

I raced Tremblant last year and loved it. It’s so much fun to whiz through the village! Thanking my sponsors and supporters again, traveling to these races and having the equipment I need to perform makes it all possible. To Cyclesmith, Cyclesmith Racing Team, Bontrager, BNS and Get ready for another adventure, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I am an aspiring athlete looking to make my mark on the mountain biking world. I love racing and training with my teammates, and I am looking for new ways to be faster and stronger- the fun is always in a good race!